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I am a PhD student at Duke University, advised by Bhuwan Dhingra (opens new window) and Sam Wiseman (opens new window). I research, through a language processing lens, how to help computers to learn, think, and communicate in the way human beings do. Humans learn language through brief interactions with the world at an early developmental stage, and then it becomes the conduit (opens new window) that transmits all kinds of knowledge between people. In constract, current most advanced learning systems learn language from billions of words in plain text. I'm thus interested in situated learning, especially in an interactive environment.

Previously, I spent a year working as an applied scientist at Microsoft. I did my master's work at the University of Virginia, where I was a member of the ILP Lab (opens new window) working with Yangfeng Ji (opens new window). I've also spent time at Microsoft Research (Beijing (opens new window) and Redmond (opens new window)) since I was an undergraduate at CUGB (opens new window).

I was lucky to have the opportunity to have great mentors and be involved in research during my undergrad study. If you're a Duke undergrad and feel like I can be of some help to your research career, feel free to email me.

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# Publications

Analyzing Task-Encoding Tokens in Large Language Models
Yu Bai, Heyan Huang, Cesare Spinoso-Di Piano, Marc-Antoine Rondeau, Sanxing Chen, Yang Gao, Jackie Chi Kit Cheung
Preprint, 2024
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Pre-training Transformers for Knowledge Graph Completion
Sanxing Chen, Hao Cheng, Xiaodong Liu, Jian Jiao, Yangfeng Ji, Jianfeng Gao
Preprint, 2023
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⚾️ HittER: Hierarchical Transformers for Knowledge Graph Embeddings
Sanxing Chen, Xiaodong Liu, Jianfeng Gao, Jian Jiao, Ruofei Zhang, Yangfeng Ji
In EMNLP'2021 (Oral)
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Contextualizing Language Understanding with Graph-based Knowledge Representations
Sanxing Chen
Master's thesis, The University of Virginia, 2020
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A Tale of Two Linkings: Dynamically Gating between Schema Linking and Structural Linking for Text-to-SQL Parsing
Sanxing Chen, Aidan San, Xiaodong Liu, Yangfeng Ji
In COLING'2020 (Oral)
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# Service

  • Program committee member (reviewer): COLING'2020, NAACL'2021, ACL'2021, EMNLP' 2021, NLPCC' 2021, ARR (regularly)
  • Volunteer: ACL'2020, EMNLP'2020

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✉️ sxing [dot] xyz [at] outlook [dot] com

🐦 @sanxing_chen

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